The Hybrid T-Top Slot Base

The Hybrid T-Top – Illustrating the ultimate in slot stand configuration while maintaining the spacious features of the Hybrid™ Slot Base. The tops are equipped with TC Millwork’s patented Gaming Grid™, which allows the easiest installation of any cabinet configuration from all slot machine manufacturers. By incorporating geometric tesselation (better known as “tiling”) to the countertop, slot bases can now be added or subtracted with ease, right on the casino floor. Meanwhile, the seamless look of the countertop stays intact as the configuration changes.

Features & Unique Benefits

A low-profile 6-hole triangle creates 14.25″ more floor space than a 6-round carousel.

A wide-open backside provides total access and room for electronic equipment, cables, switches, and routers.

A universal, adjustable gaming grid top eliminates the need to drill holes for every game type.

A double-hinged footrest is assembled as one piece and easily opened with a single maneuver.

Replaceable metal kick plate cover for end panels ensures less wear and tear.

A removable metal bull-nose edge on the countertop can be easily replaced without removing machines.

Extruded pins secure the tops, eliminating the majority of screws used during installation, and saving time.

Anchor plates give the option to secure the base to the ground and is also equipped with levelers.

Interchangeable double & single lock plate supplied with every base. No need to replace the entire slot base for security needs.

Inset carpet or rubber panels are surrounded by a powder-coated steel frame.

Inset carpet or rubber panels can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning or color change as needed.

A decorative kick insert adds even more beauty and can also be replaced with an LED strip to illuminate the gaming floor.

Optional built-in or retrofit LED strip lights can be mounted underneath the bullnose edge.

Optional USB charging ports can be attached under the bullnose edge and are daisy-chained and powered by one source.

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